Staff Writer/Writers Liaison

Nick Coviello

Born in New Jersey into a family of Yankee fans, Nick studied at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts alongside alumni such as Danny McBride and David Gordon Green. After graduation, he shaved off his mullet and moved to Los Angeles to learn how to wait in traffic. He was a semi-finalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting (AMPAS), a script reader for Creative Screenwriting magazine, and the creator of the entertainment blog Get To The Chopper (www.get-to-the-chopper-com). He’s very proud to be a part of TMI Hollywood, and can often be found at the Cactus Taco Stand on Vine persuading people that Inspector Gadget is a fraud.


Staff Writer

Kay Donmyer

Kay is a working TV commercial writer, director and optioned screenwriter. Kay has also produced a distributed romantic comedy feature, entitled June, starring Felicia Day. (imdb, Kay Christianson. That extra name means, she’s married. The wrinkles mean, she’s a mommy) Comedy is her forte’ having performed in over 800 live comedy shows – a couple of years of those – with Kristen Wiig, (<–shameless name-dropping goes here). Kay is also the voice of the Japanese dominatrix Mistres Suki, in the X-box OutLaw Golf games. (<– totally random credit goes here) And, she particularly enjoys reading glowing things about herself in bios.


Staff Writer

Dan Fiorella

Dan Fiorella lives in New York City. Downtown New York. Very downtown New York. Okay, he lives in Staten Island. Dan’s written for the stage, page, screen and joystick, with credits that include “Prairie Home Companion,” Cracked and Mad magazines, “The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers,” the “Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes 2” video game and was advice columnist Dear Dottie for the Weekly World News (a humor publication that not everyone realized was a humor publication). He has authored two books, Lost Claus and Space Case and can be found lurking at DanFiorella.com. He enjoys home cooking, laughing in the rain and writing about himself in the third person.


Staff Writer/Writer's Liaison

Philip R. Moon

Philip Rodney Moon shares the same hometown, alma mater and current city as Magic Johnson, though to date has not achieved as many NBA championships. Instead, he has spent his days writing for Cracked.com, Playboy’s The Smoking Jacket and the Fox/DirecTV sports comedy series Suit Up.


Staff Writer

David Romero

David “LOCO” Romero is a comedy writer and screenwriter who started freelance comedy writing in college for a gossip website called www.thecount.com and was a former contributing writer for http://www.youtube.com/thefinebros. He was then an intern for Sweeting Independent Films and now has a podcast on blogtalkradio.com called The Jamie and Loco Project.


Staff Writer

Joe Neuburger

Joe Neuburger grew up in New Jersey, but was kicked out for refusing to use a tanning bed. Since coming to Los Angeles, Joe has been a writer on multiple web series including “The Game Room” and “Short Term” and has written jokes for the likes of Paul Scheer and Nick Kroll. He has directed a few web series episodes as well. Joe likes bacon, cars, beer and bacon. He lives in Hollywood with a cat named Burbank and non-matching dinnerware.


Staff Writer

Todd Van Meter

Todd (Todd) Van Meter is a former college student who realized that being a professional poet was not a real thing. After that crushing realization, he enrolled himself into the Second City Hollywood writing program and now plays catch-up to the other talented writers and performers in the TMI Hollywood cast. Primarily a writer, Todd also dabbles with performing the stand-up comedy. When he’s not engrossed in the comedy, he likes to take girls on long walks at the beach just to show them how hard and troublesome walking in sand really is.