Executive Producer/Head Writer

Peter Aiello

A lifelong New Yorker, Peter moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue a career as a writer. He graduated from UCLA’s Professional Screenwriting program in 2011. After UCLA, Peter found his way to the Second City Hollywood Theater and became a staff writer for a weekly show, Second City This Week. By the time the show ended in June of 2012, he was one of its head writers. Along the way, he co-created an over the top variety/sketch/sitcom show called “The Kuntz Family Hour “in early 2012. He currently acts as Executive Producer and Head Writer of TMI. He was recently named one of the sexy men of sketch by Marie Claire Magazine. Ok, that part wasn’t true, but he was just trying to see if you read all of this.


Executive Producer/Head Writer

Tim McGeary

Tim is originally from Rhode Island where he spent most of his life until moving to Los Angeles recently to continue his career in home electronics. After taking writing classes at Second City Hollywood he began contributing regularly to Second City This Week. Tim has a degree in business from St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. So far his favorite thing about living in LA is being able to keep a killer tan year round.


Associate Producer/Staff Writer

Bill Kelly

Bill Kelly currently writes for TMI Hollywood. He has also written for and performed in Second City This Week, No Shame, Poppa Pill, This Is Why Mommy Drinks, and the New York Renaissance Festival. He has studied acting and improvisation at Second City Hollywood, IO West, Stephen Book’s Acting Through Improvisation and the Hothouse.

He starred in the South by Southwest Film Festival awarding winning internet short “How Do I Say This?” He has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hannah Montana and the Second City Network. His only lasting contribution to cinema was getting shot in the head by Daryl Hannah.


Associate Producer

Elizabeth Stanton

Elizabeth Stanton is a devastatingly funny and charming comedy writer, originally from the great state of Michigan, which is why she calls carbonated beverages “pop.” After studying film at Michigan State University and working on several horror films (best in the biz at cleaning up fake blood), she moved west to seek her fortune. Elizabeth began taking writing and improv classes at Second City, followed by becoming a contributing writer for TMI. She can also be found on Twitter @elizabethmovies or at movie theaters making fun of terrible movies until management kicks her out.