There is something very unique about Monica Percich (Purr-Sitch), she is an actress living in Los Angeles! Monica was born and raised on Grosse Ile, MI, an island in the Detroit River. It's been said her unconventional approach to comedy & fearless commitment to character make her a truly rare talent. As a comedian, actress, creator, producer, and writer, Monica's unique blend of model looks and edgy comedy has separated her from her peers.

She was trained in Theatre and graduated from Michigan State University and has improvised and sketched at UCB, The Groundlings and iO West. Monica just completed her first short film as an actor, producer, writer, singer and dancer. It's called "The Dazzling Darling Sisters" and is currently on the festival circuit. You can also find some videos on a YouTube channel called "Monica Vision", where a few unusual expressions & original characters live. Monica most famously bounced around in a bikini and ate brownies on 2 and a Half Men, and let Martin Short eat noodles off of her cleavage in Vanity Fair's comedy issue. Keep an eye out for her new project, "Mickey & Violet". She is also soon-to-be a certified yoga teacher!