Goldie Hoffman hails from the small towns of Brooklyn, NY & Montreal, Canada. A dual American-Canadian citizen and ex-Hasidic wild child from a family of 10 kids, she now calls both Los Angeles & Vancouver home, alternating between the two. Extremely versatile, she performs stand-up & sketch comedy, creates and produces her own comedy web shorts, hosts & emcees both on television and live events, and last but definitely not least, does lots of 'regular professional acting' in film, television and theater. She owes her training to Haven Studio with Ben Ratner, in addition to Studio 58's Professional Theatre Program, both in Vancouver, Canada. She also holds a Bachelor's degree from McGill University in Montreal with a double major in History & International Studies and a minor in languages (a self-professed linguaphile, she speaks 5 languages). In fact, Goldie was originally on a "proper life path", about to enter law school, but decided that a financially unstable, risky life would be more fun -- so she headed west far away from her family's ire, and switched to theater & performance instead.

You can catch her playing a forensic tech in an episode of "Lucifer" (FOX), and next, playing doctor in the upcoming Miramax thriller, "The 9th Life of Louis Drax". She also stars as the spunky Rebecca in the independent film, "Gold Never Rusts" which recently screened at the renown Grauman's Chinese Theater as part of the at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Recent & favorite theater roles include the lead role of Daphna Feigenbaum in Vancouver's premier production of the hit dramatic comedy Bad Jews (Famous Artists) and Connie in My Big Gay Italian Wedding (Raving Theatre). Goldie is also the winner of a Best Supporting Actress award at The 168 Hour Film Festival in Los Angeles for her lead role in the dramatic film Coerced. Goldie is most at home on a stage telling jokes as herself or in character. A self-professed "stylish bag lady", she can be spotted around town rushing from place to place, wildly gesticulating with way too many bags in tow. Keep in touch with her online, or better yet, come say hi at a show!