Keeley Bright was born and raised in the culturally diverse and small foreign country known as The Republic of The Valley. She still holds dual citizenship and can speak the the language fluently.

After graduating from the University of Long Beach State with her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and satisfying her passion for the physical arts, known as collegiate volleyball, she went straight to the Second City Conservatory to follow her other passions in comedy, acting, and writing. She then went forth to continue her training at the Upright Citizens Brigade, where she met her cerebral soul mates and became a part of the indie improv team known as Osito (that means little bear in spanish). She also trains theatrically with Vincent Chase (yes, he’s a real person), W. Morgan Shepard (yes, he’s a real British person), and at the Margie Haber Studio (yes, rule of three).

In her spare time she enjoys boycotting things that make life easier, which is probably in direct correlation to her strong motherland roots. She also enjoys integrating mathematical terminology into everyday life because she believes the english language should flourish and not be constrained by a finite use of colloquial phrases. Her excitement to joining the cast of TMI is TNTC!