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When A story breaks in Hollywood…

The world is obsessed with celebrity culture. Who’s hooking up, who’s hanging it up and most importantly, what were they wearing when they did it. Websites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, Hollywood Life and Gawker have some of the most loyal and rabid fans online, while television networks like E! and Bravo not only feed our need for celebrity information but create celebrities of their own with shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and The Real Housewives. In short, we love celebrities… almost as much as we love to hate them. Out of that idea came TMI Hollywood..

TMI was created in 2012, at the Second City Theater, by writers who had just finished working, for 2 years, on another Second City show, the politically minded, Second City This Week. Where SCTW was about the topics that most affected the world around us, TMI was created as its antithesis; a show about all the news we secretly want, based on the topics no one really needs.

Take TMZ and cross it with SNL of the 1970’s and 90’s (sorry 1980’s) and you get LA’s premiere sketch comedy show, TMI Hollywood!

TMI started modestly with a cast of roughly 20 actors and 6 writers. Over the last 5 years, the show has grown considerably, with todays cast of 50+ amazing actors, 20 writers in Los Angeles, Texas, New York, Cleveland, Chicago and London. The show has been asked to perform at different venues in Southern California, as well as at comedy festivals is San Francisco, Chicago and Austin. Along the way, TMI was recognized as the Best Sketch Show In Los Angeles at the 2013 IO West Improv Festival


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In the fall of 2015, the show moved from the Second City stage to the legendary Acme Comedy Theatre in Hollywood, where it has become the first sketch comedy show ever to stream live, in front of a studio audience, to the Internet.

Every Sunday night, TMI presents an all-new hour of sketch comedy, commentary and musical theater, based on the stories of the week in entertainment, celebrity and pop culture. Each week, a celebrity guest joins our cast to “host” the show and take part in the fun and one of LA’s best upcoming bands or musicians perform. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is too silly or trivial. Nothing is too controversial. Every time Beiber opens his mouth, Trump opens his Twitter or Kim Kardashian opens her… well, you know, TMI is there, with its own unique and hilarious take on the story.

…We’ll be there with the crazy glue!

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TMI By the Numbers

  • Shows

    TMI has performed over 175 original one hour shows in a little over 5 years. In comparison, over the same 5 year period, Saturday Night live has produced 112 new shows.

  • Writers

    80+ TMI writers have submitted over 6100 sketches, of which, over 2300 have been produced and performed.

  • Actors

    192 different actors have been a part of the TMI cast for at least one show. Of those actors, 14 of them had been former guest stars on the show. TMI has had 155 different celebrity guests.